Psychoanalysis is a form of treatment for people who want to explore their emotional lives more deeply and who hope to make significant changes to the ways that they feel about themselves and how they relate to other people.  My theoretical orientation is based in Self Psychology and Relational Theory. These are contemporary psychoanalytic theories that are quite different from the old fashioned idea that the "analyst" sits silently and occasionally makes an "interpretation" that is supposed to reveal the truth about your unconscious.   Instead, contemporary psychoanalysis is an engaging form of treatment, in which I am very interactive in thinking out loud with you as we try to piece together various feelings and experiences that have impacted your life.   In the treatment, I pay close attention to the relationship that we develop with one another and how we can use that to understand and change aspects of intimacy and self esteem that have caused trouble in the past. 

The primary difference between psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy is that psychoanalysis involves a greater time commitment (3-5 sessions per week) for a period of years.  Naturally, the greater frequency of sessions leads to a more intimate relationship in the therapy and more opportunity to talk about very personal issues that are often hard to speak about.