Individual Psychotherapy

People seek individual psychotherapy for many reasons.  Some people may be feeling unsatisfied with some aspect of life such as their close relationships or their work.   For other people, some life change or painful experience has left them confused or grieving.  Still others have suffered with anxiety, depression or worthlessness for a long time without really knowing where it comes from.   All of these types of problems can be helped by individual psychotherapy.   When I begin to see a new person, we spend two or three sessions getting to know one another.   During this time, I try to get a sense of what the person’s main concerns are and how I can be helpful.  After these initial sessions, I try to communicate a sense of what I understand about the problem and how we can proceed.  This usually includes some aspect of how past experiences have contributed to how the person feels and what we can do to both understand and appreciate the impact of those experiences but then also create new ways of being that will provide more satisfaction in the future.

I see adults for individual psychotherapy at a frequency of once, twice or three times weekly.   These treatments vary in length from a few months to several years depending on the goals of the therapy that we decide together.